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Genoa Sailing M.C.P. Y.  (Maritime Company of pleasure yacht)  is active in the field of sea tourism in Greece offering for rent sailing yachts it has.
Giving the opportunity to charterers to enjoy unforgettable holidays in the Aegean and especially in the Ionian Sea by offering quality yachting services to enjoy premium cruises with or without crew to the most beautiful and unique spots of the Greek islands that are accessible only by boat.
Through a wide range of activities we offer, you can choose your own holiday package and enjoy moments of relaxation, action and adventure, creating memories full of fun and excitement.  
The  team of ‘Genoa sailing’ consists of executives with many years of experience in chartering commercial yachts offering 24/7 support all days of the week.
Our yachts are well maintained and accredited through our quality assurance program and IACS class protocols.
The comfort, safety and quality offered by our yachts and the friendly environment created by our staff, ensure that your holiday experience will be unique.
For us, it's the detail that makes the difference.

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Genoa Team

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General manager of sport and activities

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